ANBIT28 Air Leg Drill

ANBIT28 airleg mining drill is also called air leg rock drill which is developed by the company with the advantages of various airleg drill.
Adopting the latest design technology of rock drill, it is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection equipment.


Compared with similar products, ANBIT28 type pneumatic rock drill with drilling speed, low failure rate and long life of wearing parts, the advantages of low noise, lightweight, widely used in tunneling, the stone engineering, mining, and various drilling operation, is a railway, highway, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy and hydropower construction and national defense regarding the engineering of the indispensable tools.

 Product Features Air Leg Rock Drill For Sale:

1. Centralized operation mechanism, flexible start, gas-water linkage, easy use, and maintenance;
2. Low noise, low vibration, high energy efficiency, low failure rate, long service life of vulnerable parts, strong blow and wash hole capacity and high reliability;
3. FY200B oil injector with the transparent shell is provided randomly, which is convenient to observe oil surface and adjust oil quantity and has good lubrication effect.

 Product Range Of Air Leg Drill:

1. The ABT28 air leg drills for sale can drill horizontal or inclined gun holes on medium or hard rocks, and it is an indispensable working tool in mines, railways, transportation, water conservancy and hydropower construction and national defense rock construction.
2. The machine can be used with the air leg or installed on the drill truck or drill frame.

 Applications Of Airleg Drill:

ANBIT provides different types of airleg mining used for drilling into stones, concrete, bricks, etc.. during hard mining conditions. Contact us for expert advice in choosing the suitable air leg rock drill to meet your requirements.



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