Big Taps

Accidents occasionally occur during the construction of the submersible drilling, when the bit falls into the hole, which not only damages the tools, but also makes the drill unusable, causing great losses.

Description Of Big Taps

We provide a tap that may help you salvage objects in a falling hole.
This process greatly increases the probability of success and reduces the economic loss.
We provide various types of taps and dies for different shapes of falling objects.
One end is the taper thread connected to the drill pipe and the other end is the high-strength fishing thread.
The external tap has exposed high strength fishing thread, which is suitable for objects with holes inside.
When in use, connect the tap to the drill pipe. Through repeated operation of the drill rig by the operator, lift the tap up, and screw the thread into the hole by the torsion of the drill, so that the thread fits into the falling bit, and then lift the object out of the well.
Internal tap has internal taper thread, used for external small size, internal hole – free objects.
When in use, connect the tap to the drill pipe, lift up the tap by the operator repeatedly, and screw the thread into the external surface of the object by the torque of the drill, then lift the object and bring it out of the well.
The product is wear-resistant alloy and nitrided, which can be used repeatedly.
According to the maximum diameter of fishing, the optional model is as follows: 3.5 “4” 4.5 “5”.
If there are small iron blocks (such as bit broken teeth, bit broken pieces, tools) in the hole, the DTH impactor can easily damage the bit.
It is the easiest and easiest way to absorb small iron pieces by adsorbing them with a strong magnet into the bore hole.



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