Our company provides all kinds of hardware tools to help the drilling work smoothly.
The long shank calipers are good for removing the impactor and drill bit, and can be of great help in changing the drill bit and repairing.
Can help you to jam circular objects, such as impactor, drill, iron pipe, please choose the type, the longer the handle can provide greater torque.
If your impactor has been used for too long and is difficult to disassemble, the disassembly table can take advantage of the hydraulic system to help you disassemble the impactor.

We provide two models that can separate 3-6 “, 6-10 “impactor and drill bit respectively.
Using manual hydraulic system, easy to use, small footprint.
The pipe extractor can help you to lift the steel pipe. It plays a great role in the reutilization of steel pipe. It can be seen in the construction of building pipe piles and Bridges.
It can be equipped with diesel engine drive and motor drive, and it can lift 60mm-1000mm metal tube according to the lifting force, which includes 80 tons, 120 tons, 200 tons, 400 tons and other models.



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