Core Drilling Rig

XY-6 diamond core drill rigs for sale with strong drilling capability has been developed by Jiangsu Wuxi Mineral Exploration Machinery General Factory Co., Ltd. (brief name: Jiangsu XiTan )
In order to meet geological exploration. It not only apply to core drilling with carbide and diamond bits but also be used on areas such as engineering geological exploration, water well drilling and big diameter pile foundation engineering.

Main Features Of Rig Mounted Core Drill

1. With a large numbers of speed series (level 8) and a reasonable speed range, low speed torque is large (up to 6000 nm), which is not only suitable for alloy and diamond core drilling, but also suitable for engineering geological survey and water exploration.
2. Large diameter (96 mm diameter) of through hole of vertical shaft, hydraulic feed of double oil cylinder, long stroke (600mm), and strong adaptability of process, especially suitable for drilling of large diameter drill pipe rope (upper core).
3. XY-6 is a core drilling rig for deep hole. With powerful drilling capacity, the rated drilling depth comes up to 1,600m with wire line 71mm drill rod.
4. Good dismountability, the net weight of drill rig is 3800 dry grams, and the main engine can be decomposed into 10 parts, which is convenient for relocation and suitable for working in mountainous areas.
5. Water brake, deep hole drilling, smooth and safe drilling.
6. Supplying oil with a simplex gear pump, it is easy for installation and operation; The hand-operated oil pump can be put in use to hoist the drilling tools in hole upon the power engine failing to operate.
7. The mechanical drilling rig is compact in structure and reasonable in layout. All components are exposed and do not overlap each other, which is convenient for maintenance, maintenance and repair.
8. Low center of gravity, long moving distance (up to 550 mm), stable and reliable.
9. It is equipped with an anti-vibration instrument with a long life, which is conducive to mastering the condition of the hole, with less handle and flexible and reliable operation.


Specifications Of Core Drilling Machine For Mining

1. Drilling capacity: core drilling

Rod type Diameter (mm) Hole depth (m)
Geologic drill rod Φ50 2000
Φ60 1500
Wire-line drill rod S75 1600
S95 1300

2. Input power:

electric motor Y250M-4 55kW 1480r/min
diesel engine 4135AG 100HP 1500r/min

3. Gyrator:
Type: double cylinder hydraulic feed rotary type
Spindle inner diameter:96 mm
Spindle speed(Motor speed 1500 r/min):

Forward low speed (r/min) 80,175,225,260
Forward high speed (r/min) 3,604,907,301,000
Reverse (r/min) 62,170

Vertical shaft maximum torque : 6000 N▪m
Spindle stroke:600 mm
Lifting force:200KN
pulling force:150KN

4. Hoist

Type Planetary gearing transmission
Steel Wire Cable Dia Φ20 mm
Reel wire rope capacity 140 m
Max. lifting capacity 60KN
(single line)
Lifting speed(the third layer 1500 r/min) 0.66;1.44;1.85;2.13m/s

5. Clutch

Type several-piece wet type friction, normally open type

6. Gearbox

Type Sliding Gear Gearbox(4 positive speeds and 1 negative speed)

7. Oil Pump

Type Single Gear Pump
Displacement 30ml/r

8. Water Brake

Working Speed 700~1800 r/min
Single Rope Compensational Speed 3~8m/s
Single Rope Compensational Load 60KN

9. Frame

Type Sliding Skids (with sliding base)
Backward Stroke 550 mm

10. Dimensions (L×W×H):3450×1500×2250 mm
11. Weight (less engine):3800 kg



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