ZGYX-425 Mine Drill Rig

Our company developed this model of low cost high performance, eco-friendly, safe, compact & high efficiency separated DTH drill rig, widely used in various surface mines, quarries , & construction work sites , etc. This model is the new generation of ZEGA classic product series. With the COLLECTIVE advantages of various different models, this machine with hole range of 105-152 mm adds oscillation which 420 lacks and still lower priced than 430 , and with many surprises due to many detail optimization.
Features Of ZGYX-425 Mine Drill Rig

1. High pressure cast iron oil pump, dual speed tramming piston motor & heavy duty construction track for excellent cross terrain ability and better product reliability.

2. Optimized rotary head & feed beam design meeting drilling torque needs for more flexible boom, and 3 m collaring & horizontal drilling meeting needs of some machine users.

3. Easy access integrated control panel with rational location; movable tramming operation platform with better tramming vision for safety & convenience.

4. Equipped with our own developed dry dust collection system. ZGYX-425 special designed for 4,000m altitude application.


Specification Of ZGYX-425 Mine Drill Rig
Drill pipe Φ76X3m Hammer HD45A/HD55A 4″/5″
Rotary Head
Rotation torque
3500N.m Rotation speed 0-100r/min
Feed total length 5646mm Feed travel 3600mm
Feed extension 960mm Feed speed
Feed force
20KN Pull up force
Feed type Chain/Cylinder
Tramming speed
2.5km/h Traction force 45KN
Gradient 25° Ground clearance 280MM
Transportation Dimensions
Total weight(about) 6000kg Width 2250mm
Length 7000mm Height 2700mm



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