SFbe Series Inverter Air Compressor (Energy Efficient)

Permanent magnet frequency converter air compressors are widely used in industry. The biggest advantage of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is energy saving and low maintenance cost. Due to the high-efficiency and energy-saving control system, the software startup of the air compressor reduces the electrical shock to the electrical components of the motor, and the startup current is small, which prolongs the life of the contactor of the motor.
Description Of SFbe Series Inverter Air Compressor

1. Adopt independent air intake system, the air volume is so large
2. Constant pressure air supply, pressure fluctuating at ±0.1bar
3. “0” load starts, the grid impact is small
4. Low temperature zone high temperature zone layout is reasonable, electrical appliance life is longer
5. There is human-machine interface, comprehensive data and powerful functions

SFbe Series Inverter Air Compressor (Energy Efficient)


 Specification Of SFbe Series Inverter Air Compressor
Series Model control Nominal Power
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Pressure
Unit Dimensions (overall)
L×W×H (mm)
SFbe series 7.5SFbe Vector variable
frequency control
7.5 380 8 1.18 870×580×915 250 DN19(R3/4”)
11SFbe 11 380 8 1.82 1080×700×1000 380 DN25(R1”)
15SFbe 15 380 8 2.7 1080×700×1001 410 DN25(R1”)
22SFbe 22 380 8 3.88 1180×850×1170 520 DN25(R1”)
37SFbe 37 380 8 6.92 1350×930×13



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