Screw Air Compressor

Screw air compressors are mainly used in the field of aerodynamics to drive various pneumatic tools. Due to the development of oil and gas separation and gas purification technologies, they are increasingly used in applications with very high air quality requirements, such as : Food, medicine and cotton spinning industries occupy many markets that were originally oil-free air compressors.
Description Of Screw Air Compressor

1. The latest patented profile, large diameter rotor
2. Low pressure loss, high capacity ash and heavy-duty air filtration
3. Long acting oil filter, filtration grade Beta12:75
4. Ultra fine oil and gas separation cartridge, air oil content < 3PPM
5. Large scale cooler ensures cooling effect and reduces pressure loss of cooler

 Applications Of Inverter Driven Screw Air Compressor

The use of inverters is a widely known method for increasing the energy savings of air compressors. ABT has developed screw style energy saving air compressors offer the advantages of energy efficient, smart operation and various other benefits in Industrial uses by adaptation of gas consumption with time and environment changing.


Specification Of Screw Air Compressor
Model Nominal Pressure F.A.D Oil Content Motor Power Weight Unit Dimensions (overall)
(Mpa) (m³/min) (ppm) (kW) (kg) (mm)
7.5SFb 0.8 1.12 ≤3 7.5 200 870*580*915
11SFb 0.8 1.6 ≤3 11 300 1080*700*1002
15SFb 0.8 2.3 ≤3 15 350 1080*700*1002
18.5SFb 0.8 3.2 ≤3 18.5 450 1250*800*1070
22SFb 0.8 3.6 ≤3 22 485 1180*850*1070
30SFb 0.8 5.07 ≤3 30 600 1350*930*1200
37SFb 0.8 6.5 ≤3 37 650 1350*930*1200



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