SFe+ Series Inverter Air Compressor (Energy Efficient)

Compared with ordinary frequency conversion air compressors, permanent magnet frequency inverter air compressors have more stable discharge pressure, no impact at startup, and better voltage adaptability to AC power. The use of frequency conversion drives can significantly reduce the noise of the air compressor during operation.

Detailed Description Of SFe+ Series Inverter Air Compressor
  • Air use
  • Need more air when we work at day, on the contrary, using less
  • 92% of the air compressors fluctuate seriously during operation
  • The load of 70% of the air compressors is between 40-80%
  • So there is great potential to use variable frequency compressor to save energy
  • Permanent magnet frequency conversion motor with independent cooling fan to achieve 1 level energy efficiency requirements
  • Frequency converter of double frequency conversion system, top vector variable frequency control system
  • PID gas volume adjustment technology to meet the minimum energy consumption
  • 6-13bar pressure is set arbitrarily to meet different pressure needs of customers
  • 40-200Hz wideband amplitude modulation to meet customers’ different gas working conditions
  • Adopt independent air intake system, the air volume is so large
  • Constant pressure air supply, pressure fluctuating at ±0.1bar
  • “0” load starts, the grid impact is small
  • Low temperature zone high temperature zone layout is reasonable, electrical appliance life is longer
  • There is human-machine interface, comprehensive data and powerful functions
Specification Of SFe+ Series Inverter Air Compressor
Series Model Control Nominal power
Nominal Voltage
Nominal pressure
Unit Dimensions (overall)
L×W×H (mm)
SFe+ 7.5SFe+ Vector variable
frequency control
7.5 380 8 1.22 600×600×1150 260 DN20(R3/4”)
11SFe+ 11 380 8 1.82 700×700×1380 360 DN20(R3/4”)
15SFe+ 15 380 8 2.72 800×760×1460 460 DN25(R1”)
22SFe+ 22 380 8 4.01 900×820×1560 560 DN25(R1”)
37SFe+ 37 380 8 6.98 1680×1006×1539 740 DN32(R1-1/4”)
55SFe+ 55 380 8 10.85 2175×1439×1695 1130 DN40(R1-1/2”)
75SFe+ 75 380 8 13.78 2292×1262×1543 1490 DN50(R2”)



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