UJ18 Drilling Jumbo

UJ18 Tunneling trolley, hydraulic drilling rig ,is suitable for narrow, low-rise mine and tunnel. Using direct control of the hydraulic system, four-wheel drive articulated floating chassis. It can be applied to rugged road conditions, quick approach and evacuation of construction section, high-efficiency rock drill performance, shorten drilling time, and reduce consumption, is the only choice for all narrow veins, low-rise roadways.
Components Of UJ18 Drilling Jumbo

1. Control system:
Hydraulic rock drilling control system, with automatic hole opening, no lubrication, no water, no impact, rotary pressure automatic control propulsion, automatic thrust pressure control impact and automatic anti-jamming function. Before and after traveling two gears change speed, overload climbing, the engine does not extinguish, automatically adapt to deceleration and increase output torque.

2. Coordinate system drilling arm:
The double triangle suspension support drill arm can ensure accurate hydraulic parallel holding function in all aspects.

3. Feed beam:
Heavy-duty aluminum alloy propulsion beam, with high bending and torsion strength, long service life; feed beam surface covered with stainless steel, wear-resistant PTFE pad between moving parts, to improve service life.

4. Rock drilling machine:
ZY104M rock drill with double shock absorber system to ensure the best service life of drilling tools, pressure oil film protection and lubrication of the interface, reduce the internal wear of rock drill;

5. Chassis:
Solid articulated heavy-duty chassis, four-wheel drive; four-cylinder diesel engine drive; four hydraulic legs for stable position; double-circuit pedal brake and emergency stop brake, in which one or even two pipeline damage under the premise of safe braking.

 Applications Of UJ18 Jumbo Drilling Rig:

ANBIT provides various types of jumbo drill mining for underground mining applications in drilling and blasting with different mining conditions. Contact us for expertise in choosing the suitable underground jumbo drill to meet your needs.



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