UJ21 Drilling Jumbo

UJ21 tunneling trolley (underground jumbo drill) is widely used in underground mine development, small tunnelling, bolt hole and other reinforcement projects. The well-designed UJ21 jumbo mining machine will provide customers with better perforation experience in terms of appearance, configuration and system control. The chassis and lifting safety roof of this jumbo drill machine based on safety considerations ensure the passing and stability of the equipment, so that operators can always be in a safe position to work; “direct” positioning of the drilling arm system to achieve rapid and accurate drilling positioning; equipped with a ZY104M rock drill power up to 18 kW, its 60 Hz frequency is high-efficiency rock drilling. Favorable protection. The double buffering mechanism shock absorption system and the automatic adapting system of jumbo drilling rig can improve the penetration efficiency while effectively reducing the consumption of drilling tools and improving the production efficiency.

ANBIT provides various kinds of underground jumbo drill for underground mining applications in drilling rocks, concrete, bricks, etc.. during hard mining conditions. Contact us for expertise in choosing the suitable drilling jumbo to meet your needs.



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