Water Well Camera

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ANBIT Water Well Camera adopts advanced DSP image acquisition and processing technology, highly integrated system, panoramic camera shooting, real-time automatic extraction of the profile, clear and vivid images, automatic and accurate calibration of depth, and full-scale and full-cylinder video recording for all observation holes Imaging (vertical hole / horizontal hole / inclined hole / pitch, elevation angle hole), is a leading domestic set of optical imaging system in the hole.
Application Of Borewell Underwater Camera

Suitable for engineering geology, hydrogeology, geological prospecting, geotechnical engineering, mining and other departments; suitable for vertical, horizontal and inclined holes (depression, elevation), anchor (rod) holes, geological drilling and concrete drilling Various types of drilling can form digital drilling cores for permanent preservation, which is especially suitable for fractured zone formations where actual cores cannot be obtained:

(1) For engineering hydrogeology: observe various characteristics and fine structures of geological bodies in the borehole, such as formation lithology, rock structure, faults, fissures, interlayers, karsts, etc., and record geological histograms;

(2) For mineral geology: observing the thickness, inclination and inclination of veins in the ore body, and the inclination and inclination of the borehole itself;

(3) Used in coal mines and other mines: observe and quantitatively analyze the trend, thickness, inclination, inclination of ore bodies such as coal seams, the degree of interlayer entrapment, and the degree of cracks in the layer from the roof rock layer;

(4) For concrete: observe the position and degree of defects such as voids, cracks and segregation in concrete;

(5) For pipe piles: observe various anomalies and defects in the piles, and quantitatively analyze the quality of the joints and the length, width, and direction of the fractures, fractures, and cracks;

(6) For underground pipelines: observe pipeline contents, quantitatively analyze pipeline cracks and fractures, fracture locations, lengths, widths, and trends;

(7) Used for water well maintenance: detecting cracks, misalignments, falling objects in the well, clogging of filter pipe holes, and quicksand position.

Underwater well camera can not only visually observe the various structural structures in the borehole in real time, but also video imaging the entire borehole, as one of ABT measuring instruments, it also can be used to develop the drilled hole development scene and the later 3D histogram to vividly and intuitively reproduce the structure inside the borehole and perform quantitative analysis.

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  1. hugo vazquez morales Lfi@live.com.mx +529615794108

    de cuantos whatts es la camara de video, porque quiero comprar un convertidor de voltaje de 110 volts a 220 volts soy de México

    • abit01

      La máquina es de 220V, ¿quieres comprar una? Además, también vendemos inversores.


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