Water Level Meter

ANBIT portable water level meter is an accurate method for measuring water level. Water level meters for sale are usually used to measure the water level in wells, boreholes and water level pipes. Water dip meter is especially suitable for the observation of groundwater levels in hydropower projects or the manual inspection of dam body infiltration lines of earth and rock Check. This instrument can be used during construction and can also be used for long-term safety monitoring of engineering.
Working Principle Of Water Level Meter

The reading of the water level dip meter has two major components:
1. Buried part of underground material, composed of water level pipe and bottom cover (sold separately)
2. Ground receiving instrument-steel ruler water level gauge, consisting of measuring head, steel ruler cable, receiving system and winding plate.

Probe part: made of stainless steel, with water resistance contact points installed inside. When the contact point contacts the water surface, the receiving system will be turned on. When the contact point leaves the water surface, the receiving system will be closed.

Steel ruler cable part: The steel ruler and the wire are combined into a plastic process, which prevents the ruler from rusting, simplifies the operation process, and makes the measurement more convenient and accurate.

Receiving system part: It consists of sounder, indicator and peak indicator. The beeper sounds continuously, the indicator light is on, and the peak indication is indicated by the voltmeter.

 Product Description Of Water Depth Meter

When measuring, let the bobbin rotate freely, press the power button, put the probe into the water level tube, hold the steel rule cable in hand, let the probe slowly move down, and receive when the contact point of the probe contacts the water The system’s sounder will beep continuously. At this time, read the depth of the steel rule cable at the mouth of the pipe, that is, the distance from the groundwater level to the pipe. (If the buzzer is inaudible when measuring in a relatively noisy environment, observe the indicator and voltmeter.)

The user must pay attention to two points when reading:
A) When the contact of the probe touches the water surface, the sounder will make a sound, the indicator light will be on, and the voltmeter pointer will rotate. At this time, the steel rule cable should be put slowly in order to read the depth of the point from the opening carefully after carefully finding the exact location of the pronunciation or indication moment.
B) The accuracy of the reading depends on the timely judgment of the starting position of the buzzer or the instruction. The accuracy of the measurement is related to the proficiency of the operator, so it should be repeatedly practiced and operated.

 Product Maintenance Of Water Level Meter

Because the battery capacity is limited, please turn off the power switch immediately after the measurement is completed, do not forget! When replacing the battery (the battery is 9V, multimeter battery), unscrew the battery cover screw and push the battery cover to replace the battery.

After the measurement, the probe and the steel rule cable must be wiped clean, and the steel rule cable must be neatly wound on the winding reel, and then placed in the cabinet.
Do not bend the measurement cable, especially near the end of the side to avoid damage.

The probe should be handled with care, avoiding severe vibration. If you find that the probe is faulty, please send it to our factory for repair in time.

 Warehousing And Storage

When unpacking and accepting the water measurement meter, the user should first check whether the quantity of the measuring Instruments matches the packing list. If there is any discrepancy, please contact our store.

The instrument should be stored in a dry and ventilated room with non-corrosive gas at a temperature of -10 ~ + 40 ° C and a temperature of not more than 80%.



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