ZGYX-424 Combined Mining Rig

This series of products is developed and manufactured by our company, which integrates gas, liquid and automatic control for drilling holes of hydraulic rock drill.
Its standard equipped with cab and automatic brazing mechanism, with leveling and special toothed track walking mechanism, makes the drilling rig has excellent cross-country ability. Dust removal function with bipolar can meet the environmental protection requirements of all mines, products are widely used in various engineering construction and mining. With its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety characteristics, it is widely chosen by modern green mines.

Product Advantages Of ZGYX-424 Combined Mining Rig

1.The control combination of Cylinder,wire rope and pipe & hose reels can provide a feeding system of adjustable feedling force and lifting speed according to requirement.
2.Marked and labeled at both ends of hoses & pipes and electrical wires & cables with ring labels and same part numbers in the parts manual for easier maintenance.
3.Extendable boom.
4.Long guides and positioning device with floating dust suction hood assure vertical drilling and dust collecting effectiveness.
5.Standard two stage dust collector(optional water mist system)with outstanding performance,technical advanced and industry leading.


Specification Of ZGYX-424 Combined Mining Rig
Drifter Boom & feed
Model ZY-104 Boom angle “-20º~+30º
Manufacturer Zhigao Boom swing angle 左20º 右30º
Hole range(mm) 76~115 Tilt angle 前60º 后85º
Rotation speed(r/min) 0~135 Swing angle 左95º 右15º
Max. Rotation torque(N.m) 1460 Rock drill stroke(mm) 4200
Max. Impact frequency(HZ) 60 Feed/Pull up force(kn) 22
Drill Rod Type T45 or T51*3.66m Feed Force(mm) 1400
Hole depth(m) 25 Length of Feed Beam(mm) 7257
Max. Impact power(kw) 20 Drill rod length(mm) 3660
Engine Rod changer and #S of rods stored Standard 6+1
Manufacturer Cummins Chassis
Model 6CTA8.3-C240 Climb Ability 25º
Rated power(kw) 179 Ground clearance(mm) 460
Speed(rpm) 2000 Track Oscillation ±10º
Fuel Tank Capacitu(L) 310 Tramming Speed(km/h) 3.5
Screw air compressor Largest traction(kn) 112
Manufacturer Zhigao Weight & Dimensions
Air End Manufacturer HANBELL W(mm)*L(mm) 2370*10750
F.A.D 8m3/min Transport height(mm) 3200
Working Pressure 10 bar Weight KG(No accessories) 17300



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