ZGYX-430 Mine Drill Rig

Our company developed this model of low cost high performance, eco-friendly, safe, compact &
high efficiency separated DTH drill rig, widely used in various surface mines, quarries , & construction work sites , etc. This machine have two stage dry dust collector with excellent performance.National standard engineering machinery tramming machanism for extreme low failure rate.

 Features Of ZGYX-430 Mine Drill Rig

1. 3 types of power packs, Yuchai YC4A100 diesel engine or 45Kw / 55Kw electric motor.
2. Maximum rotation unit torque up to 5500N.m as option for foundation bolting and anchoring, casing and large hole spiral drilling.
3. National standard engineering machinery tramming track, plunger piston motor and gear reducer system for more reliable tramming and better durability, tramming speed up to 3 km/h.
4. High performance wet air filter together with two stage dry air filter for three stage air filtering system to protect diesel engine better.


Specification Of ZGYX-430 Mine Drill Rig
Working Pressure 0.7-2Mpa
F.A.D 10-20m³/min
Hole Range 90-152mm
DTH Hammer 4″Standard
Hole Depth(Max) 30m
Drill Pipe Length 300mm
Drill Pipe Dia 76mmSdandard/89mmOption
Climb Ability 30°
Tamming Speed 3km/h
Rotation Speed 0-80rpm
Rotation Torque(Max) 2350N.m/5500N.mOption
Weight 6500kg
Dimension 7370X2360X2560mm
Power Pack Yuchai Diesel Engine
Dry Dust Collector Option



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