ANBIT-MC Series Mobile Crushing Tires Stand

ANBIT-MC Series Mobile Crushing Tires Stand is a machine used for reducing large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, sand or rock dust. waste materials can be easily disposed of or recycled by using crushers. The mobile crusher can also make the solid mixture of raw materials smaller, so that the fragments of different components can be distinguished. The crusher can reduce the cost of transportation and improve the efficiency of operation.

 Advantages Of ANBIT-MC Series Mobile Crusher For Sale

Strong Mobility

ANBIT-MC series mobile crushing tires stand has short length. The different crushing equipment were installed in the independent respectively portable chassis with short wheel base and short turning radius. The stand can move on the ordinary highway and working areas flexibly.

Reduce the Transportation Cost

ANBIT-MC series mobile crushing stand can process the material in working site and not move the material away from the site to process. It can make a big cost saving of transportation.

Flexible Combination and Adaptable

ANBIT-MC series mobile crushing tires stand can form a “screen after crushed”work flow according to different technology requirements; it also can form a “crush after screened”work flow. According to the actual demand, the crushing stand can be assembled into coarse.
Crushing and fine crushing system with screen and also can be combination of coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing system with screen. The crushing still can be operate independently and very flexible.

Reliable Performance and Maintenance Easy

It is famous for good performance and reliability of stone crusher and screening machine from Shanghai Jianye company, such as mobile jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, cone crusher, mobile vibrating screen and etc. These products are used in the mobile crushing stand as main equipment. After optimization and strengthening design, they have higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.



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