ZGYX-415 Mine Drill Rig

ZGYX-415 separated DTH surface drill rig is another model of high performance low cost rig of Zhigao for surface mining industry. 415 rig upgrades its tramming components, hydraulic system, feed beam, rotary head & the whole rig chassis based on data collected & analysis of ZGYX-410E application reports by Zhigao R & D department. The upgraded rig with improved features of strong climbing ability, large rotation torque, & long life motor is widely applicable to various surface mining environment.
Description Of ZGYX-415 Mine Drill Rig:

With larger displacement single motor, compact size & large rotation torque, the rotary head adjustable according to different work conditions & requirement, greatly increasing drilling efficiency of the mining drilling rig. Hole range up to 127 mm now.

All controls integrated on the control panel for convenient operation, higher work efficiency, safer and more confortable operation.

Piston tramming motor, special process casted track shoe for stronger tramming traction force & more stable quality.

Equipped with Zhigao own developed dry dust collection system for high efficiency & more eco-friendly.

 Applications Of Big ZGYX-415 Mine Drill Rig:

ANBIT provides various types of mining drilling rigs for mining drilling applications in drilling stone, concrete, bricks, etc.. during different mining conditions. Contact us for expertise in choosing the suitable types of drilling machine in mining to meet your needs



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