ANBIT-S Series Cone Crusher

ANBIT-S series cone crusher has single cylinder hydraulic structure, advanced design, compact body, strong crushing ability, simple operation and maintenance, and low operation cost. With more excellent technological and mechanical properties, the crushing efficiency and productivity are greatly improved, and excellent granular products can be produced. Its unique heavy duty structural design ensures the reliability and service life of the equipment in extremely harsh conditions. Each model in the series can meet various needs of users, easy to use, maintain and operate at high rate. Up to a dozen kinds of cavity shape changes and an eccentric bushing can set up up up to four kinds of eccentricity, so that the flexibility and adaptability of the equipment is significantly enhanced. These advantages and characteristics make this series of cone crushers widely used in the crushing system of mines and engineering projects.
Product Performance Of ANBIT-S Series Cone Crusher

1. Optimize the design of crushing chamber shape, eccentric sleeve speed, eccentric distance and motor power of the equipment.
High energy lamination theory is adopted to input more energy, so that the material breakage occurs not only between particles and liner, but also between particles and particles.
Therefore, higher output, less wear and tear of vulnerable parts, more cubic product shape, less needle flake content, better product shape;
2. The frame and spindle are made of high-strength alloy steel by casting and precision forging. They are strong and durable, suitable for crushing hard materials.
3. Single cylinder hydraulic adjustment and protection is safe and reliable, hydraulic and lubrication combined, compact structure, small space;
4. Easy operation and maintenance, no pouring filler is needed to replace the liner plate of wearing parts, and only grease is needed for daily maintenance;
5. Adopt spiral bevel gear transmission mode, with high transmission efficiency and low noise;
6. The high-energy layer compression theory is adopted to avoid high-speed impact, friction or extrusion wear between materials and wearing parts. The wearing parts are made of high-manganese steel castings with low cost and wide application, and the wear cost is low.

ANBIT-S Series Conical Crusher



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