Our company designs bar feeder with advanced design, which is now widely used in mine production. It adopts integrated interchangeable bar to ensure structural strength and high wear life.
The position of vibrator can be adjusted before and after, which is suitable for the design of different hopper.
The vibration power of the main engine can be adjusted by frequency modulation to ensure the full load of the crusher.

Description Of Vibrating Feeder

Feeder is a product developed by our company. It is developed in accordance with the market demand. We have many years of research experience. At the same time, we have some developed products combined with advanced foreign feeders. Widely used in metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries in the crushing, screening joint equipment. The feeder can evenly and continuously feed lump and granular materials from the silo to the receiving device. It can continuously and evenly feed in the sand and gravel production line and avoid the blockage of the receiving port of the rock crusher for sale. According to the different forms, it is divided into plate feeder and bar feeder. Plate feeder has simple structure, stable vibration, uniform feeding, good continuous performance, adjustable exciting force; change and control flow at any time, easy operation; eccentric block as exciting source, low noise, low power consumption, good regulation performance, no punching phenomenon; if the use of closed fuselage can prevent dust pollution. Bar feeder is used for uniform feeding of large pieces of materials in front of crusher. At the same time, because of the function of bar screen surface, it can remove fine materials such as soil, achieve pre-screening function and improve crushing capacity. Make the system more economic and reasonable in configuration .It is especially suitable for hydroelectric industry, raw materials such as building stone and metal ore before coarse crushing.

 Applications Of Automatic Feeding Machine:

ANBIT provides various types of feeding machine for mining crushing applications in conveying aggregates such as stones, concrete, bricks, etc.. with different mining conditions. Contact us for expertise in choosing the suitable vibrating feeders to meet your needs.



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