Automatic Mapping Cave Detector ANBIT-KD300

ANBIT-KD series automatic mapping cave detector is based on the earth’s electromagnetic field source, based on the difference in the conductivity of different underground geological structures, and by studying the variation law of the electric field components at different frequencies to study the gelolgical structure and changes, to search the underground geological areas such as underground mined area,loose soil, tunnels, and ants, and has a very good detection effect on engineering geology, archeology, and disasters.
Components Of Automatic Mapping Cave Detector ANBIT-KD300
  • Test Light
  • System Running Light
  • Main Switch
  • System Reset Button
  • MN Port
  • Memory Card
  • USB Port
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Battery Holder
  • Copper Electrode
  • Cable
  • MN Plug
  • Alloy Electrode Bar


 Advantages Of Automatic Mapping Cave Detector ANBIT-KD300

1. The instrument can automatic mapping and get result on site.
2. The instrument is light, portable and can be operated by a single person
3. Optional the rough measurement and accurate measurement find outliers to reduce the workload
4. Apply to multiple and complex terrain exploration
5. Fast measurement, strong anti-interference ability, high accuracy
6. The free and professional technical guidance 24 hours online.

 Wiring Method

(M N are the electrode, O is the measurement point, Point distance is 1-5m)
The data collected by the instrument each time is the midpoint data between the two electrodes.The electrode distance is 10m, and the distance between points is generally 1-5m (the standard is 1m).Electrode spacing and point spacing must keep the same distance for one measuring line.As the left picture shows.


 Specification Of Automatic Mapping Cave Detector ANBIT-KD300
Model No. Measurement Depth Units of measurement Working Temperature LCD Measurement Method Power Supply
PQWT-KD300 300 meters △V‘’(mV) -10°~+50° 7-inch LCD Screen Three Frequency Profile Survey #26650 4000mAh
2*Rechargeable lithium battery



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