Piston Air Compressor

The piston compressor has a wide range of applicable pressures, and the flow rate can reach the required pressure. Piston compressors have high thermal efficiency and low unit power consumption. Piston compressors have low material requirements and use common steel materials, which are easier to process and lower in cost.
1. Detailed Introduction Of 5-10 KG Piston Air Compressor:

① Three-cylinder, 380V power supply, need to be equipped with power cord.
② Use copper wire motor for longer life.
③ Smooth operation and lower noise compared to other brands.
④ commonly used type, available in stock, can provide physical shooting.
⑤ if the quality of the gas is very high, you need to add a dryer + precision filter

Oil Free Piston Air Compressor
Drill Type Air Compressor
Air Compressor Drilling Machine

 2. Pictures Of High-Pressure Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

piston air compressor
ac piston compressor
1) Machine Model And Description:
Machine Type ANBIT-1.2/30
Structure Type WH Medium pressure air compressor
Nominal Exhaust Capacity (under Intake) 1.2Nm3/min
Rated exhaust pressure 30 bar(3.0Mpa)
Single unit motor configuration power 11-15KW
Model of head 61W
Number of heads One
 2) 61W Main Technical Parameters (Single Machine):

a) Compressor: 

Air compressor form No foundation fixed type, micro oil to resurrection plug type
Exhaust gas temperature ≤ 180 ℃
Air supply temperature Ambient temperature + 15 ℃ (after cooling by air-cooled rear cooler)
Nominal Exhaust Capacity (under Intake) 1.2Nm3/min
Rated exhaust pressure (gauge pressure) 3.0Mpa(Design pressure3.5Mpa)
Head piston stroke 94mm
Spindle speed 600r/min
Number of cylinders of main engine head × Cylinder diameter 2×φ130 mm/1*φ75mm
Performance standards In accordance with JB / t53054-92 standard for superior products
cooling method Air-cooled
Installation method No foundation installation
Dimensions 1450*750*1050

b) Variable frequency adjustable speed motor: 

NO. Y160L-4
Rotating speed 1440 r/min
Installed power 15KW
Rated voltage 380V
Protection class IP54
Insulation class F Grade
Start way Direct start



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