Post-Processing System

The compressed air directly output from the inverter air compressor contains a large amount of mixed impurities such as water vapor, oil vapor and dust, which need to be removed through a post-processing system. The Post-processing System of inverter air compressor is mainly constituted of a gas tank, a cold dryer, high-efficiency degreaser and an air Compressor filter.
Components Of The Post-Processing System

1. Gas TankOur company stocks 8 kg and 10 kg gas storage tanks below 50 cubic meters. In addition, we can customize various non-standard pressure vessels, sand blasting tanks, oil storage tanks, water storage tanks, neat tanks, etc. according to the needs.

Air Compressor Gas Tank
Air Compressor Gas Tanks for Sale


2. Cold Dryer

A. Specially designed air outlet home decoration, heat recovery device

  • Ensure that the outlet pipe does not dew, reduce the temperature of the refrigerant, enhance the freezing effect, and save energy

B. Special design, small pressure difference, energy saving
C. Adopt high-quality thick purple gold copper pipe to prevent corrosion of copper pipe caused by machine sink leakage and longer service life
D. Using high-performance heat exchangers

  • Large-capacity design ensures stable operation of the machine under severe working conditions
  • Anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rust inside the machine

E. Use of high-quality components

  • High performance refrigeration compressors such as Germany COPELAND, Denmark Danfoss, Germany BITZR, etc. These compressors have low energy consumption, high efficiency and stability to ensure the best efficiency for a long time.
  • The refrigeration element promises to use original accessories such as Danfoss from the world’s top brands, SOIRLAN from the United States, and EMERSON from the United States.
Cold Dryer-1
Cold Dryer-2
Cold Dryer-3
Cold Dryer-4


3. High-efficiency Degreaser

High-efficiency Degreaser


4. Air Compressor Filter

The air discharged from the air compressor contains many magazines under high temperature conditions, such as water, rust, and particulate dust. If these impurities are not removed, they will cause additional production losses, product quality issues and high maintenance costs. Compressed air is the main safe energy source for large-scale industrial production. Improving the quality of compressed air is reducing production costs.
ANBIT high-efficiency gas filter can effectively remove impurities in compressed air and provide users with high-quality compressed air filtration, which is specially used in laser cutting, bottle blowing, advanced spraying, food, electronics, petrochemical and other industries.

ANBIT High-efficiency Gas Filter-1
ANBIT High-efficiency Gas Filter-2



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