SFb Fixed Screw Air Compressor

The fixed screw air compressor has the characteristics of reliable running performance, few wearing parts, low vibration, low noise and high efficiency. They are widely used in factories and other places where industrial gases are needed.
Description Of SFb Fixed Screw Air Compressor

1. The latest patented profile, large diameter rotor
2. Low pressure loss, high capacity ash and heavy duty air filtration
3. Long acting oil filter, filtration grade Beta12:75
4. Ultra fine oil and gas separation cartridge, air oil content < 3PPM
5. Large scale cooler ensures cooling effect and reduces pressure loss of cooler

 Applications Of SFb Fixed Screw Air Compressor:

ANBIT provides various types of industrial rotary screw air compressor for reducing energy consumption while ensuring adequate gas flow. ABT designed frequency conversion screw style air compressor can accurately meet the change of gas demand. Contact us for expertise in choosing the suitable screw type air compressor for sale.



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