ZGYX-410 Mine Drill Rig

Equipped with 37kW dual-cylinder Yuchai 2115 engine or 22kW D type electric motor.Standard configuration of new type reinforced tramming motor. Gear box structure for greater climbility & more stable quality. New added easily detachable protection hood for dust & falling rock & enhanced safety, and better appearance.

Product Features Of ZGYX-410 Mine Drill Rig

1.With larger displacement single motor, compact size & large rotation torque, the rotary head adjustable according to different work conditions & requirement, greatly increasing drilling efficiency.
2.Piston tramming motor,special process casted track shoe for stronger tramming traction force & longer service life, lowering down machine maintenance cost.
3.Optional our own developed dust collection system with high efficiency & eco-friendly.”


Specification Of ZGYX-410 Mine Drill Rig
Diesel Engine Specifications
Rig Model Engine Model Reted Power
ZGYX-410F Yuchai YCD4R12T-70 50KW
ZGYX-410F-1 Yuchai YCD4R22T-80 59KW(Dust collection system as standard equipment)
General Specifications
Hole Range
Pipe type Sdandard 60X2m Hole Range Φ90-110mm
Rotary Head
Rotation torque(Max) 1650N.m Rotation speed 0-120r/min
Feed force 15KN Pull up force 25KN
Feed type Chain/cylinder
Tramming speed(Max) 2,5km/h Gradient 25°
Transportation Dimensions
Total weight(about) 3800kg Width 2000mm
Length 4900mm Height 2200mm



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